John Ganun

Photographer | Creative Director

Scenario photography is the brain child of world famous photographer John Ganun. 

After completing his BFA from The University of Michigan John Ganun began his photography revolution by spending over a decade as the go to celebrity headshot photographer in Hollywood. In addition to portrait photography John became a staple talent in the commercial / magazine photography scene. Scenario was created by infusing all of John’s learnings and photography experience into a service that anyone could enjoy. 

“I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be treated like a celebrity and photographed to look like one.” – John Ganun

So much more than a photo booth

Social Sharing - Large Prints - Rock Star Treatment - World Class Quality

Scenario photography goes light years beyond the typical photo booth by creating a true Hollywood glam shoot experience. Guests will feel and look like celebrities as the scenario crew pampers them throughout the entire experience. Scenario photography is something that is framed for a wall and cherished for a lifetime.


Katy Higgins – Cosmopolitan Events 

“Guests go bananas over his work! Each custom shoot is a world apart from a “photo booth”, and contains complexities that even a highly experienced event planner doesn’t fully appreciate until the day he sets up. John’s Scenario crew are more like a film crew setting up a commercial- they need that kind of space and have that same kind of contagious Hollywood effect on your event. My best advice- just trust him. Let him run with his ideas and get him what he needs – He will make you look amazing! “

"Grab your friends and be a star for the day"
"You get what you pay for and Scenario is worth every penny!"
Silicon Slopes
"an eye-catching art-forward pop-up. Incredible!"